Bridgestone Tyres Offer Lower Rolling Resistance Tyres.

Now fully available both in the UK and Europe, Ecopia EP150 car tyres from Bridgestone Tyres have been especially designed to combine environmentally-friendly characteristics and improved driving performance on the road. Launched in Germany last year and now marketed by Bridgestone Tyres as an eco-friendly tyre, Ecopia EP150 car tyres combine a range of versatile features and benefits. These, according to Bridgestone Tyres make them attractive both in terms of fitting as original equipment by manufacturers and as their availability as an integrated replacement for the motorist.

Bridgestone Tyres has introduced their new range of Ecopia EP150 environmentally-friendly car tyres to target the increasingly popular compact and mid-sized passenger car ranges that are offered in the European market both by European and Globally-based vehicle manufacturers. At present, a broadly representative selection of tyres is available through normal retail and distribution channels. However, when the range is complete, Bridgestone Tyres will be offering Ecopia EP150 environmentally-friendly car tyres for rim sizes ranging from 14 to 16 inch and in 55 to 65 Series. At present seven popular 14 and 15-inch sizes have been released and Bridgestone Tyres will launch a further one 15-inch and two 16-inch fitments to complete the range in January 2011.

Bridgestone Tyres is particularly pleased to report a substantially lower rolling resistance for its new Ecopia EP150 environmentally-friendly car tyres. In terms of performance, Bridgestone Tyres has stated that the Ecopia EP150 has 15 per cent improved rolling resistance when compared to their current products in the same dimensions. Lower rolling resistance of course, equates to improved fuel efficiency and Bridgestone Tyres has reported an improvement of around three per cent (which reduces fuel costs) along with a complementary decrease in CO2 emissions which helps the environment.

According to Bridgestone Tyres, this improved fuel efficiency and environmental performance has resulted from technological innovations and advanced characteristics relating to both the tyre compound and its tread pattern design. Moreover, Bridgestone Tyres say that the use of its Nano Pro-Tech compound in combination with a tread design that includes a connected block and thin rib, also helps to enhance both the contact pressure and wet braking performance of Ecopia EP150 car tyres.

Written by Leslie J Renfrew
A guide to Bridgestone Tyres available online.

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