Develop Your Back With Exercise Bands!

You can perform hundreds of different exercises with exercise bands, and of course back rows are one of them. It will require a bit of stability from your part but it’s easy to execute. So let’s get to thee back rows with exercise bands.

1. First you need a stationary object, a sturdy post or a door anchor (this is an attachment system that can be provided with certain resistance bands set). Wrap the band around the object or attach it to the anchor at the height of your belly.

2. With your arms extended, you should bend your knees like you were in a sitting position, not at a 90° angle, but you want to stabilize your posture. Your band tension is going to challenge not only your muscle but your balance. Keep your back straight. You’re in the starting postition.

3. Now row by pulling the handles toward your body, keeping your hands at about chest height. These back rows work the lats (latissimus dorsi) muscles. These are large muscles on each side of your back below your shoulders.

Perform 3 sets of 8 to 12 reps, and when you can easily perform 12 reps per set, increase the resistance with a higher tension exercise band. This will strenghten your back primarily but also involves your abs and thighs for stability and your arms in the pulling movement.

Lats are the largest muscle in the back so it’s important to make it strong enough. Their function is to pull arms down and back and to also stabilize your body during many movement and other exercises, like bench press, pushups and shoulders movements too. You can have your lats sore after training these other muscle groups if your back is weak.

Training your lats is also what gives your upper body a “V shape”, so this is obviously great overall. You’re not only getting strenght where it matters but sculpt you an impressive body.

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