How To Make Resistance Training Effective For Weight Loss Purposes

Although Resistance Training is mostly utilized for building strength, power, and of course, muscle tissue, not too many people think of it as a tool for weight loss.  

But the truth is you can use it for shedding excess body weight by increasing the energy expenditure, or, in other words, burning more calories.

It is a lot of work, but you will be happy at how much progress you can make in a relatively short period of time.  However, I will explain to you the following exercises to make sure you start gradually and work your way up by following your own individualized pace until you get there.

Performing 15-Minute Body Weight Squats

Do it continuously without stopping.  If you think I am exaggerating with performing body weight squats for one set of non-stop 15 minutes, please don’t because I have done it myself and actually went much longer than the above time.

I do, however, like you to start with as many seconds as you can and gradually increase the load, or I should say the time until you reach somewhere around the goal time bracket of 15 minutes.  That way you are building strong muscles, and at the same time you are burning a significant amount of calories to see some noticeable results.

Olympic Style Lifts

Performing Olympic Style Lifts such as the following exercises:

-Clean and Jerk

-Push Press


-High Pull

-Jump and Shrug

All the above exercises require you to lift the external weights (dumbbells, kettle bells, or barbell) at a fast pace or an explosive movement.  These movements require you to be very coordinated and balanced  therefore, learning these types of lifts by doing them at a slow pace at first is essential until you gain more experience.

Plyometric Body Weight Exercises

Unlike the Olympic Lifts, these exercises are done by using body weight, and no external weights are necessary.  The meaning of the word “Plyometric” is when you are moving as fast as possible with good form in order to prevent or minimize any exercise-related injuries.

-Explosive Push-Ups

-Plyometric Jumps

-Frog Leaps

-Plyometric Pull-ups



-Plyometric Squats

All the above exercises will make you burn a sufficient amount of calories, but at the same time you maintain or even build more muscle tissue which is an added bonus that many of you will appreciate.

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