Path of Least Resistance

We have many important decisions in our lives that most people are afraid to address or spend time studying the details. Why do we do this? The first thing that comes to mind is simply because it is easy. We like easy things because we do not have to think about details. Thinking can be very hard work and it appears people do not like to work these days.

One could look at things from a personal standpoint and see if they have completed or even thought of a monthly budget. I know of many people who choose to ignore the health signs that something is not right with their bodies and have not seen a physician for several years to get a physical check up. On a more public stage, how many people are following the critical details put forth on our upcoming national health care reform? This decision will have lasting impacts for several generations.

It is very easy to pass off those details to the experts some might say. However, how many times do we see celebrities going through financial difficulties because they never took the time to study what their accountant was doing? Over the years, some of the most vociferous people to talk about political views are those who have never voted on a local or national election. Give me a break!

It is time to be accountable from a personal and society standpoint. Stop making excuses for our current predicaments and start making the necessary changes in our lives that will lead to the success that we rightly deserve. This could apply to your personal financial situation. Whatever you are dealing with in your current career would also be applicable.

With the current financial crisis, many individuals are leaving Corporate America and have chosen to pursue an entrepreneurial career such as a home based internet marketing opportunity. Being an entrepreneur has some very exciting elements surrounding freedom from a typical job. However, being an entrepreneur requires discipline in work ethic, fiscal responsibility, and time management. This freedom is difficult for many and probably explains the high failure rate many experience. Again, this comes back to the comfort level many have established over the years and the unfortunate habits that have resulted.

It is time to create new successful habits in your life and enjoy the rewards that await you!

Whatever the mind of man can conceive and bring itself to believe it can achieve. Napoleon Hill

Have a successful day!

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