Should I Be Running Everyday?

The passionate runners who want to train their bodies to an elite level frequently ask: Should I be running everyday? In this article, I want to talk about when running often is recommended and if running everyday is the right decision for you.

Whether you should be running everydayis determined by your experience as a runner. The biggest issue with running every day is the commonality of the overuse injury. Runners become really passionate about running and feel so freaking good that they get a positive addiction to it. This leads to running more than your body can handle due to the lack of development on your joints and muscles.

The fact of the matter is that every runner needs at least one day off. The reasoning for that critical one day off is for the body to heal and rest from all the pressure it has been put under over the past week. If a runner doesn’t let their body rest, an injury will creep up and destroy any hopes or dreams of competing in the next race.

For new runners, it is recommended that you run every other day. You don’t want to place too much pressure of your joints and muscles by running everyday that are accustomed to running for extended periods of time. The last thing you want to do is injure yourself before the start of the second week of training. Even if you are an on-and-off runner, make sure that you start with at least a couple of days off and not rush it. Make sure that you understand the challenges your body faces as the weekly mileage increases and how it adapts to the extra running.

Note that one these days off, there are a few simple components of your rest day each runner needs to make sure that are in place: proper nutrition and hydrated, a full night’s rest and low amounts of stress (tell the wife to back-off.)

Nehal Kazim trains runners with step-by-step blueprints of critical tools and techniques to run their next marathon successfully. Running doesn’t need to involve pain and struggle.

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